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Concept Art
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  Paul Abrams has been creating works for comic books, games, fine art galleries and private commissions.  His work has appeared in Marvel and DC Comics, Shadowrun, TSR, Heavy Metal, Lightning Entertainment and numerous other publications.

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Phone # :  (845) 331-3755


Recent Clients:

Heroic Publishing

Micon Films

Twilight Creations

Zenescope Entertainment:

Grimm Fairy Tales

Harper Design- The Future of

Fantasy Art

Shadowrun /Catalyst Game Labs

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Ballistic Publishing-Exotique #6and # 7

Bastion Press -cover art

Zman Games- Cover art

2Dartist Magazine -issue 051,  issue 052

Imagine FX - issue 56  FXpose

Illustrations and covers:    

Diablo 3 Demonhunter







Dark Queen- concept art

The Guardian- concept art

Torn Asunder Cover Art

Ballistic Exotique 6, Harper Design


Bastion Press


Time Mercenary- card art

Swords of Vengence- ebook cover

Succubus-Altribe Games




The Guardian- concept artAttack- game cover art and ImagineFX magazine FXpose

Demon for Altribe Games

Goblin Warrior- Altribe Games



Naga-concept art


The Toad and the Maiden

Enchantress- card art

-Ballistic Publishing Exotique 7 


Grace Flynn bookcover  art

Pirate Captain- card art

Persephone- card art



Demona-Ballistic Publishing Expose #6





The Axeman Cometh-card art

Snake Witch- card art

Viking Zombie  ImagineFX magazine FXpose